Welded Wire Fence Ideas

Welded wire fence have been used for centuries to keep cattle on the spot, but they can be used for many purposes. Essentially wire fence is a grid of heavy-gauge wire, about 4 meters high and as long as required to cover a given area. It may seem difficult to put up a fence if it is not properly tightened, the fence will sag. However, the process is actually very simple.

Welded Wire Fence Backyard


Map out your fence. Walk the perimeter of where you want the fence should be and mark the ground with spray paint at every place you want to put a post. Use post whole digger to dig the hole three meters deep and 2 meters wide at each marked locations. Drop a wooden fence posts in each hole and then fill around the additional land. Let pillars settle overnight.

Tension the welded wire fence in a long strip all the way around the fence posts. Tie the ends of the fence off to each side of the fence by wrapping the wire around the final fence posts and use pliers to bend the wire together.

Go to the middle of the fence and start on the upper wire. Attach the wire gripper and then attach the monitor with the grapple. Start tightening comes to stretch the wire. Attach Swage sleeves with tongs and move on to the next lower wire strand. Follow this procedure until all horizontal wires have been tense. Drive staples in each post to keep the welded wire fence up and attach it along with his running.

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