Special Cedar Split Rail Fencing

Split rail fencing – Cedar split-rail fence is made from cedar wood logs about 10 to 12 feet in length. And divide down their length. Divide in half again and again until the rails are useful size, the stack timber lengths then to each other.  Easy repair and assembly makes cedar split rail fence popular with property owners.

Build Split Rail Fencing

Unlike a traditional cedar split rail fencing is a mortised split-rail fences are not independent. The vertical supports of the fence has holes or mortises, cut in them to the tip ends of the rails fit. This type of fencing is running in a straight line and is often use for decorative fencing or horse pastures. Keeping deer out of your flower beds by constructing a split-rail fence. A traditional, zigzag fence or a mortised fence with wire fencing used as a barrier for smaller animals works well. This style of cedar fence also keeps children and small pets in your yard.

Has a corner garden in your yard by merging two sections of cedar split rail fencing at a 90-degree angle. Plan your garden area with the tallest plants at the back and towards the post where two fence sections meet. Grow climbing plants in front of split rails so they can climb cedar supports. Climbing roses are especially attractive in juxtaposition with wood.

12 Special Cedar Split Rail Fencing Photos