Simple Tips For Construction Wood Fence Post

Wood Fence Post – Construction of a fence is necessary to cover a yard or contain a pet or cattle. Over time a wooden fence post can break down and be an unstable link in a fence length. Most used posts today are vinyl because they do not rot and there is no painting required. Install a fence with a wooden pole. Having manufactured and professionally installing wooden fences since 1960, the company and fence academy offers these suggestions and tips. Place the post without concrete. Most people feel that this is the most appropriate method because the wood fence post will last longer. Because it is not placed with concrete, which forms a bag that stops the water and is consumption at the bottom of the post, thus Rotting much faster.

Wood Fence Post Installation

Learn the exceptions of the “non-concrete rule”. There are few cases where it is better to use concrete. Such as when the post is in an area where there are constantly puddles of water. Caused by poor drainage in a section of the property. Mark and dig the hole about 30 cm (12 inches) in diameter and a minimum of 76 cm (30 inches) in depth. Place the wood fence post centered in the hole. Make sure it is in the exact place where you want it. If you try to place all the ground on the pole and then level it all at once, the pole will not be secure and solid.

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