Simple And Safety Removable Pool Fence

Removable pool fence – In DIY stores and also in specialized stores for products for the pool. And we can buy these types of adaptable fences. One of the main advantages of this system is that it allows us to place. And remove it whenever we want and the closing device is inaccessible for children. And very simple to handle for adults. The assembly is simple as it consists of poles made of anodized. Or lacquered cast iron and a polyester mesh coat with PVC that is very resistant and has an anti-UVA protection to withstand the in clemencies of the Sun in summer.

Easy Removable Pool Fence

Another alternative safety system to the detachable. Also more suitable for families with small children. And also for families with pets is the installation of methacrylate safety removable pool fence that are adaptable in size and shape. And are much more aesthetic than removable network fences.

The installation and installation of the methacrylate fences is simple . Because only the ground must be drill to install the anchors on which the fence will be mount. And regulate the verticality of the removable pool fence. The average height of these posts is 1.22 cm although there are also higher models. And there are fix and removable versions.

12 Simple And Safety Removable Pool Fence Photos