Post And Rail Fence Style

Post and rail fence – Post and rail fencing is one of the simplest types of fences, as they consist of horizontal rails suspended between big speeches. Even so simple post and rail fences come in several different styles and made from several different materials.

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Materials, traditionally, the post and rail fence made of wood, although today a few extra options available. Wooden post and rail fences can be made of dimensional lumber, available at almost any home improvement store. If the wood treat, it can last for many years in almost any environment. Vinyl post and rail fence comes as part of a kit with posts and rails to connect with each other. Vinyl is a little bit easier to install and is very low maintenance. There are some metal post and rail fence, although they are usually quite expensive.

Post and rail figures, posts can be either round or square, the square is the easiest option to install the fence. But round usually look better in the end. The rails are often rectangular, but these can be round as well. The size of the fence is usually determine by the number of rails which are usually between two and four. But can be higher at very high post and rail fence.


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