More Ideas To Build No Dig Fence

No dig fence – Gardens of the house are over spilling with beds and pots of wildflowers, flowering vines, leafy vegetables, perennial greens and winter foliage. Make sure your patio fence has its own plantation of honeysuckle vines and morning glory. Which not only cover the fence but take out bees, butterflies. And hummingbirds in spring, summer and fall.

Garden No Dig Fence

To keep the no dig fence presentable during the winter, plant sections of it with ivy that will resist all. But the most severe frost. They contain the ivy, though, so as not to overwhelm the more fragile flowering plants that will appear in the spring. Use recycle wood to build simple shade box frames that you can hang firmly on the patio fence. The cartons may contain container plants. Test a selection of succulents. And cacti from the plant in an area plagued with drought.

Set of spring flower pots in the no dig fence . And replace them with summer flowering vines and sturdy flowers such as petunias and impatiens.  Mix and match, add a few gerbera daisies, a couple of hosts of attractive foliage and some clusters of thoughts in regions where summer heat does not wither them. If cooking, plant a small herb garden in the boxes.

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