Metal Fence Post Driver In Concrete

Fence post driver – A metal fence is use to protect a farm from small animals on the outside or fences to farm animals on the inside. It also adds a degree of decoration for the yard. These fences is package and sent to your home by the manufacturer. You then need to install your metal fence in concrete, which takes some preparation. But if you are handy, the installation project only takes a few hours for a typical, small lawn. Each section of the fence install directly in the ground.

Easy Fence Post Driver

Pak fence from packaging materials and separate the different parts of the fence post driver, including fencing sections, posts and post caps. Set post caps on each item (one per line), and secure them to the post with the screws provided. Use a power driver to screw caps for positions. Measure the length of the fence sections with a tape measure and plot out as holes for each fence post by means of these measurements.

Dig the first fence post hole 18 inches deep for fencing up to 48 inches tall, with a post digger. Set for inside the hole and then filling the hole partially with dirt to stabilize the fence post. Level fence post driver using a spirit level and adjust fence post if necessary. Concrete and water in a wheelbarrow for your specific’s mixing directions (typically two concrete parts, one part water). Shovel concrete into the hole around the fence post until the concrete is two inches below the soil surface.

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