Instructions On How To Install Privacy Fence Panels

Privacy fence panels – Because the privacy fence panels are usually sold in 8-foot lengths. And should the poles be plumb and 8 feet apart on center. If you install shadowbox panels, which are heavier than usual privacy fence panels, additional support need for the installation. Provide additional support by attaching a block of wood on the pole so that it rests against the bottom of the best bars; distribute the weight of the panels over a large area and several screws. Although this step is not necessary to install traditional panels, giving it additional support for all heavy-duty fence panel.

Aluminum Privacy Fence Panels

Instructions on how to install privacy fence panels. Hammer a nail near the bottom corner of a fence post installed at the desired level of the bottom of the fence. Let the nail on the head sticks out of wood so that you can tie a string there. Tie string to the nail in the second corner post so the string tension. Trim the tag end of the string and remove the line level.

Place the privacy fence panels between the first two fence posts so the ends of the rails to the post center and bottom of the panel meets the string. Does the panel in place, installing two evenly spaced, vertically aligned screws in the upper rail, attached to the item. Place the 6-inch-long block of wood against the first two fence posts. So that in line with the sides of the posts and butt firmly against the lower edges of the top rails.  Rest one end of the upper rail of the adjacent panel on the block of wood.

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