Install Corrugated Metal Privacy Fence

Corrugated metal privacy fence – In many neighborhoods built houses very close to each other or the street – which can make privacy a concern when the resident tries to enjoy the summer. Outdoor activities such as swimming, sunbathing, entertaining or just relaxing. In such cases it may be necessary to construct privacy screens for parts of a farm to keep prying eyes from family activities. Corrugated metal is an inexpensive material that can use as a simple and stylish private screen for whatever area of ​​your property requires some privacy. Corrugated metal will last for years with minimal maintenance.

Top Corrugated Metal Privacy Fence

How to install corrugated metal privacy fence, measure the area to determine how many 4-by-8-foot corrugated panels, you need to cover the area. Then determine entry position to keep the corrugated panels. Entries will be placed four feet apart to keep the panels. Dig post holes to a depth recommended by local fence company.  Fill in the hole with 6 inches of gravel. And also set posts in concrete and brace them with wood and rope.

After that to corrugated metal privacy fence, cut the 2-by-4-inch lumber for the frame of the panels. Then cut 2 pieces to fit along the sides of the panels, and 2 bits to fit along the top and bottom edges of the panels. And then using the router for cutting a groove in each 2-by-4-inch pieces to hold the corrugated panels. The size of the track will be determined by the meter of corrugated material. Stain wood frames for a desired color. Let the stain dry thoroughly. Use a polyurethane clear coat protects the wood surface and let the wood dry. Paint panels with galvanized paint to protect the surface. Set the framework for panels with galvanized screws.

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