How To Cut A Vinyl Fence Panels

Vinyl fence panels can purchase as a kit with pieces of pre-cut, hardware and poles included. It is also available in prefabricated sections that require cutting if they are longer than necessary for one side of a fence. Cutting these fence panels for installation can be a one- or two-person job. Fence panels with gratings at the top can also adjust to the appropriate length of a fence line.

White Vinyl Fence Panels Design

Measure section of vinyl fence panels that needs shortening to the proper length and marked with a chalk line to get an even line cutting. Leave compensation of 1/2 or 1/4 inch to accommodate the rail brackets for mounting to the next pole. Cut the vinyl panel. So that your section will be in between two vertical boards rather than to cut through a vertical board. This will keep the fence stable and strong and maintain the pattern of the fence on the shortened panel.

To cut a vinyl fence panels, cut along the chalk line with either a hand saw or circular saw with a fine to medium-tooth chaining. When using a handsaw, use long, even strokes, so the vinyl does not rip or shade. Start the cut at either the top or bottom of the panel and continues through the other end.

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