How To Build A Hog Wire Fence

Hog wire fence – Good fences makes good neighbors. It is even more important if you have pets, dogs or pets that may wander into your neighbors yard or grass. Therefore it is a good idea to build solid fences. Using steel posts and hog wire, the well-known wire with 6 x 6-inch sections. Stretch a string along the ground centered on the fence line and drives two stakes along the length 40 feet apart. Measuring five intervals, each about 8 feet, and put a steel post on each 8-foot section.

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Stand up the first steel posts and make sure that the small bumps on the item up. Pound posts in the ground until the fine bottom of the hog wire fence penetrates the surface of the earth. Repeat the procedure until all four posts into the ground, using a first post reference to the top of them with each other. Level each item by adjusting carpenter’s level with each item and then bending position by hand in the required direction.

Pull the fire at the end and use the post hog wire fence digger, dig a narrow hole 12 inches deep and just wide enough for your post. Pour half a bag of ready mix in a wheelbarrow and add water with a garden hose. Mix with shovel to create wet concrete. Scoop about 3 inches in the hole and insert the wooden posts, twisting and grinding it into the wet concrete. Bucket another 4 inches of concrete into the hole around the post. Level with carpenter’s level.

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