Good Choice Wood Fencing Panels Installation

Wood Fencing Panels – Fencing pre-assembled panel is suitable for many owners who decide to install a fence. Fencing wood panel can be easily installing in fence posts and cuts down on the time required for installation. Instructions: Decide the type of wood panel fencing you want to install on your property. The three types of fencing are solid, shadowbox and space picket. Consider the style of your home and what you need on the fence.

Wood Fencing Panels Horizontal

Discuss your plans with your neighbors to make sure the fence is installing on the property line. Contact your local utilities and mark the utility lines that can be locating before starting the excavation. Use stakes and rope to stake out the fence line. In the hammer game and tie a chain between each stake to indicate where the wood fencing panels will be installing. Dig the holes post with a post hole digger. Each entrance hole should be 10 to 12 inches wide and deep enough to accommodate about 1/3 of the post.

Dig the pit deeper than your anticipated need for 6 inches. Doorposts should be buried 6 inches beyond the normal posts. Fill the hole in each post with approximately 6 inches of gravel. The gravel will help moisture the channel from the bottom of the post wood fencing panels. With the help of a partner, tie a chain between each pole to make sure the line will be straight.

12 Good Choice Wood Fencing Panels Installation Photos