Durable Vinyl Picket Fence Idea For Great Safety

Vinyl Picket Fence – Picket Fence is one of the most popular types of homeowners installed. They are made of individual blades that have a gap between the wedges and a few inches away. It also prevents the fence from blocking the looking point at the same time from both sides. This is why they are often referred to as neighbor-friendly fence. They do not look great but are great for identifying property and your safety offer for pets and children without blocking your view.

2 Ft High Vinyl Picket Fence

Many are choosing a vinyl picket fence than the traditional wooden fence. Vinyl, sometimes referred to as PVC, is made from hazardous materials that can be recycled. It is made using two processes; mono extrusion and co-extrusion. A single extruded fence contains twelve parts of titanium oxide and other materials while co-extruded containing titanium oxide at the outer level. Coated extruded PVC fence often tend to show scratches when peeled because the core layer is a different color.

Vinyl picket fence is known for its long lifespan combined with strength and versatility. Unlike wood you will not have to worry about distorting, faking or peeling over time. They will also be able to cope with severe storms and other environmental issues. Unlike vinyl wood you do not need stained or painted. The vinyl looks good much longer than wood with less maintenance involved.


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