Dog Fence Ideas Install

Dog fence ideas – An electric dog fence can help to contain your dog within the boundaries of your yard. The electric fence is bury underground. The dog wears a collar with a transmitter, warning dog as he gets close to the boundary line. The collar first beeps and if the dog continues forward, he gets a shock. The fence is ideal for people who do not want to build a fence. A plan where you will have the boundaries of the fenced area. Then, you can include driveways and sidewalks in the area. And also using a chalk string to make the boundary line.

Backyard Dog Fence Ideas

Choose where you will have the transmitter. It can be placed in a house or in a garage, but outside in the elements. It needs an electrical outlet box to supply electricity to the transmitter. Then, install the transmitter box by screwing on the wall. Do not connect to the box. Then, use shovel digging a trench depth of 3 inches along the chalk line. If you need to place the wire in the concrete. Also use a concrete saw to make a 2-inch trench in the cement.

Dog fence ideas place the electric wire in the trench. Connect each end (start end and finish end) of the wire box transmitter. And then place it in a place where you can reach it with a power cord. Connecting the unit to the electrical source. Test the transmitter and collar so you do not have any breaks in the wire. The test button is used for this test and the dog. After the testing finish, disconnect the device.

12 Dog Fence Ideas Install Photos