DIY To Install Woven Wire Fence

Woven wire fence used to keep small rodents and pests from the garden or crops, or to protect chickens from predators. Install this fence is a project that almost all DIY amateur can conclude. That it construct with only fence posts and woven wire. Measure the total length of the area is enclose with a tape. Buy woven metal wire in the length from the home improvement store, garden fences or outlet supplier. Also buy metal fence posts height you build the fence.

Woven Wire Fence And Gate

For the thread under one of the slots on the fence post.  So, to secure the woven metal wire to the post. Install the next fence post in the same manner as the first post. Stretch woven wire fence from the first fence post to the other fence post. Then, push the cable into the slot and hammer notch down and the cable to connect the woven wire to the other fence post.

Continue installing fence posts and stretch the woven metal wire from post to post along the mounting space until the fence is finished. Woven wire fence is generally less than two feet long and easily stepped over by an adult, so the gates are not needed.

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